Partial Project List

  • Bank of America Corporate Headquarters, Charlotte, North Carolina
       60 stories plus Crown and 8 story glass Winter Garden
  • Bank of America Plaza, Atlanta, Georgia
       56 story tower with small roofs at some lower locations
  • Bank of America, Tampa, Florida
       42 stories with slopping cathedral style roof
  • JP Morgan Chase Tower, Dallas, Texas
       55 stories with sloping curved glass roof
  • Society Tower, Cleveland, Ohio
       60 stories plus 10 story crown
  • Comcast Headquarters, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
       974 foot tower with a sloping façade and atriums
  • Maumee River Bridge, Toledo, Ohio
       Suspension bridge supported by single tall center concrete pylon with four vertical glass faced light wells
  • Dearborn Center, Detroit, Michigan
       82 stories plus crown and 8 story Winter Garden
  • World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC
       13 stories plus 13 story interior Atrium
  • Judiciary Building, Washington, DC
       6 stories
  • Horseshoe Casino, Bossier City, Louisiana
       26 story tower with tall parapets and floating barge casino
  • United States Federal Courthouse
       19 stories
  • Millennium Tower, Chicago
       574 foot tall residential tower
  • United Nations Plaza II, New York City
       Retrofit tie-in system for both vertical and sloped walls
  • Westin New York at Times Square Hotel
       Steep sloping roof and reverse sloping façade walls
  • MD Anderson Medical Center & Hospital, Houston, Texas
       Multi-building medical complex of high-rise buildings
  • Museum of Fine Arts
       Roof with large pitched glass skylights and mechanical louvers to control light in galleries below
  • Shanghai Tower
       128 stories, twisting & spiraling glass tower 2073 feet tall
  • Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Beijing, China
       12 stories with extremely wide protruding soffit and large fan-shaped atrium
  • Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China
       70 stories with multi-story exposed vertical wind turbines built into the façade
  • United Overseas Bank, Xiamen, China
       19 & 29 story towers with extremely steep sloped roof
  • Hong Kong Convention Center
       Unique curtain wall with unusually large rood overhangs
  • LG Kangnam Office Tower, Seoul, South Korea
       42 story tower with sloping curtain wall and Arts Hall
  • Samsung Headquarters, Suwan, South Korea
       Multi-tower high rise corporate office complex
  • Multiva Office Tower, Guadalajara, Mexico
       28 story with a large sloped glass roof
  • Coca Cola Headquarters, Mexico City, Mexico
       Tall parapet with rail system
  • Department of Municipal & Rural Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
       6 stories with monorails systems in overhanging soffit
  • St. Regis Hotel & Condominium Towers
       Multi-roof building with terraces and balconies
  • Dubai Airport – Concourses 1, 2 & 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
       Long horizontal elliptical tube shaped buildings
  • Hotel des Arts, Barcelona, Spain
       43 story tower with exposed steel building structure in front of curtainwall facade